It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to “ grace revival church international “ grace is believing in word of god and it’s rooted in Christ Jesus.


To prepare the nations for Christ Jesus and make everyone for the greatest harvest of god. Raising up an army for Jesus Christ and make the way for end time revival..


To expand the boarders of the kingdom of god through evangelism, building churches, prepare new disciples for god, short time bible training courses, deliverance and personal counseling, media ministry, music nights & worship ministry, de addiction centers, children & women's fellowships, youth camp & youth ministry, social work & charitable and public meetings..!

About Church

At beginning stage of this church is by founded by my dear father pr. Mosses

After so many years we risked something for this ministry with our lives. Beginning time was so hard for us to survive just as every ministries there was no freedom to worship and some other things and circumstances and after those years by the grace of god. Go gave us a beautiful church hall very nearest in the kovalam junction. And god gave the privilege to inaugurate the church in feb – 2018 and completed all the government formalities. As the guidance of god we put name of this ministry as “ universal grace revival ministry “ now church is runs very powerfully for the end time revival

And we got so many branch churches by under this ministry in this city. And also we planing to do ministry in north india and outside of our nation as go spoke to us.

So ask your prayer and support for this ministry and the kingdom of god.

About Pastor

Myself pr. Prasad Mosses , in 1981 feb 25 i born by pr. Mosses & Sulochana

As first born. And i was started follow Jesus as father did and started ministry with him.

After my formal education i got a privilege to study and practice theology from the N.L.B.C & E.T.I Noida . And now by the grace of the lord I founded church named as

“ grace revival church international “ as per the guidance of the holy ghost it runs.

I blessed with wife : Anitha Kumari kids : Achsah S. Prasad & Axan .S. Prasad

My desire with this ministry to be a great blessing to the peoples and nations..